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Hexagon - competition

Hexagon is an online competition in physics and mathematics open to everyone. We invite all high school and primary school students to participate. At Hexagon, teams of three students compete for five days, after which the best solutions and approaches to problems win.

Hexagon 2021. will start on May 10th.

This year we are opening a new category for primary school students! More details soon.

The competition consists of three problems in physics and three in mathematics. They are conceived with the goal of introducing new concepts, so that you have to use various sources of knowledge, primarily the internet and the literature, to approach and solve the problem completely. The goal of the competition is to encourage you to research different topics, ideas and concepts, which you then use to understand and solve a given problem.

The syllabus is adjusted so that you can participate no matter which grade you are in. It consists of the following subjects:

  • Kinematics
  • Dynamics and statics - forces, moments (law of the lewer), laws of conservation of energy, momentum and angular momentum
  • Circular motion and gravitation
  • Hydrodynamics - hydrostatic pressure, Bernoulli's equation, continuity equation
  • Thermodynamics - equation of ideal gas, heat, entropy
  • Additional concepts will be explained as part of the problem
  • Complex numbers
  • Sets
  • Divisibilty, prime numbers
  • Nizovi
  • Probability/combinatorics
  • Algebraic expresssions, polynomials
  • Additional concepts will be explained as part of the problem

The solutions and approach must be described as detailed as possible, do not save on words. If you write a code for the problem, it has to be commented as well. Your solution and work that you send in represent completely the work of your team, and if it is unclear, we will not be able to give points accordingly.

Problems 2020. - Croatian Results 2020.