Physics and mathematics association

Who are we?

Hexagon is an upcoming association of physics students, and high school and primary school students interested in physics and mathematics, whose goal is to work on alternative and quality ways of teaching and popularising physics and mathematics, alongside organizing various online and offline projects, includin competitions for secondary and primary schools.

Hexagon started as a competition for high school students during the first wave of COVID-19. At that moment, all regional and national competitions in Croatia were cancelled, but Hexagon, as an completely online competition, served as an alternative for all those who still wanted to compete, but also experience a different type of competition than they usually participate in.

With Hexagon, we are trying to change the perception of physics in Croatian society and among young people especially. We wish to involve interested students into different projects, with the aim of showing them how physics looks, and what it's like when physicists do it. We will try to engage high school and primary school students through various articles, problems, courses and competitions into a process as similar as possible to actual research work.

The main team behind Hexagon are:

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