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Welcome to Hexagon!

What is Hexagon?

Hexagon is an association of students, young scientists, and all those interested in physics and mathematics.

Our goal is to popularize science among young people, get students acquainted with current topics in physics and mathematics, bring them closer to research and spark creativity in problem solving.

Hexagon organizes a yearly competition in physics and maths, as well as various workshops and classes, and makes available additional material to all students who wish to know more.


Hexagon competition 10.5.2021.


Hexagon - open competition in physics and mathematics, will be held this year as well, in a slightly different format. Write down the date, 10.5., and we're hoping that there will be even more of you participating than last year. This year we are also including students of primary schools as a category of the competition, but more on that soon. More information about the competition can be found here

New website


Welcome to the new website of Hexagon! Here you will be able to find out more about our work, join our upcoming association, participate in various projects we are working on, work on various physics problems and compete on Hexagon (Šesterokut).

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